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About Global Writers Rank

As there seems to be no global rating combining all authors out there rated by popularity in different countries, we have decided to create such a classification. We used iTunes Books as a basis for the ranking of authors and writers. Our goal is to provide our users with daily global top 100 of the most popular writers rank based on the number of books and their positions in the different regional charts.
We would like for the visitors of the website to return anytime they want to read a book from a new author or to find new or popular book.
You can learn more about the methodology of the ranking on the Methodology page, where we have described how the system (authors ranking, points assignment, etc) works.
We will continue to develop the website and add new functionalities. What is next on the list is to add an archive and subscription/user registration section, where users will be able to check the ranking history of the global ranks day by day.

Today Top 100 iTunes Book Authors

All the data is for 20th of May 2024
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