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B A Paris Books

B A Paris Books - GlobalWritersRank B A Paris has all time rank #587. B A Paris is not in top 100 writers. Last time B A Paris was amongst top writers was on 2021-07-22 with rank #92. On 2021-07-22 B A Paris had 3 books in the charts and total of 4883 points. You can browse B A Paris books in the table below and sort them by points, release date and price in USD. You can also buy B A Paris books by clicking the iTunes link in the table.
Please keep in mind that the books in the table below are not unique book titles from B A Paris. There could be the same titles from different publishers, different editions of the same book as well as translated copies.

As of 20210722 B A Paris has highest positions in the charts in the following countries:

Most Popular Books by B A Paris

Title Points
Chart Positions Release Date
Price ($)
The Therapist 4439
United States
2021-07-13 14.99 iTunes
The Dilemma 443
United Kingdom
2019-12-19 n/a iTunes
Behind Closed Doors 1
2016-02-11 n/a iTunes